I was introduced to creativity from a young age. My dad was spending all his free-time oil painting local farm sceneries and landscapes, and this I always found very fascinating to look at. He collected Tintin comic books and statues, and was all about classical music. I was figdeting at the breakfast table also wanting to draw, write and make art like my dad, so not much after joining first grade I got a little purple book and a set of pens to write my own little stories and figures.

My parents never left the house without a camera, and being the copycat I was, I quickly got one of my own too – just a whole lot cheaper. As soon as a camera became too old and my parents got a new one, I started playing around with it, editing the content on my dad’s computer, using it for school projects, friends or family.

I never got to study photography or videography in school, but I gained all knowledge through self-study and lots of trial and error. It’s due to my passion that I got to be where I am today, and I strongly believe it’s the best way to learn and grow something that’s always been a part of you.

I look forward to hear about your story, and how I can capture it on film, still or moving.