Visual storyteller

Visual storyteller

About Julie

My name is Julie Brondeel and I run Goudbruin Studios. A one-(wo)man production company in the heart of Antwerp, Belgium. I´ve worked as a content creator in the brand and travel industry for the past 9 years. I graduated in Business Management in 2014, with the idea to build a company of my own. I dove head first into content creation on travel websites, and began learning more about SEO and all that customer service-jazz. Marketing was always a part of my job, but it never filled the need I had for creating content.

I decided to create my own content on a freelance basis and got opportunities all over Belgium and South Africa for local companies. Meanwhile I got the chance to start as a full-time content creator for Jack Black Brewing Company in Cape Town. This led me to collaborations with brands such as Patagonia, Vans, Float Apparel, Southfields Hard Seltzer, Rook Cycles, Chomper Surfcraft, Good for you Fin Co, international events in trailrunning (UTCT), the Surf industry (Wavescape Film Festival, the Annual Boardmeeting, the Ductape Invitational, First Thursdays) and many more.

After a 7 year lifestyle in Cape Town, I head back to my home town in Belgium where I found my way to VUB (University of Brussels) and got hands-on experience on live productions and events in collaboration with KVS, Bozar, Eutopia, the European Parliament, Pilar, AB Concerts, and many more. This is where I still grow my expertise on a full-time basis, but with freelancing during any moment I get.

I’m a passionate creative, with a lust for storytelling, visuals that convey meaning, a coherent strategy that eventually brings results and grows a brand’s identity. I wanted to do it on my terms, with my creative lens and ability to bring a brand alive. I started Goudbruin Studios so I could bring my creativity and expertise to the brands that I love and believe in.

If you´re looking to grow your business, and you´re not sure where to start with your content, I´m here to bring the answers.

Just like any small business out there, I do what I do because I love it, and I do it on a budget that works for you. Together we can create content that tells the story you´re eager to share and attract what you´re wanting to get out of your business.

Let´s have a coffee!

We can meet up for a coffee in Antwerp to chat about all the options available. If you´re interested in a specific kind of content, whether it be an event, a specific shoot, bigger production or something else, just drop me a message here and I´ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Chat soon,
Goudbruin Studios