julie brondeel


At the age of 10, Julie found her way to her dad’s guitar. It was put away in a corner of the room, without any strings. She pretended she could play it so very well, and eventually chose to join guitar classes. Not much later, she started practicing day-in, day-out, in her room, with a classical guitar. Meanwhile figuring out how to play songs of her favourite bands and singers.

One of her friends desperately wanted to hear her sing, so she recorded a cover with Garageband. After sending it through to her friend, she asked her for more music. This was the start of a little project called ‘Crossed Fingers’. Soon she ended up on small stages, and years later found her way to a little rock concours called ‘Lawijtstrijd’. She didn’t make it through the first round, but did win herself a bunch of talented musicians who were willing to help her out and build a setlist, with a full band.

Show after show, rehearsal after rehearsal, Julie changed her name to Jules Brown at the age of 22, and entered another rock concours called ‘Rockorama’. This time around, Jules won the contest and was catapulted onto the big Main Stage of Crammerock… This pushed her to record her first EP in studio, and so she felt her project was no longer her own.

Julie’s EP released in 2014

Later that year, she was on a crossroad. Will she keep going with her band, or will she go live abroad for a while and explore another way of living? She decided to move to Cape Town, and lived there for 7 years before she returned back home to Belgium. Cape Town gave her a new breath of inspiration, an outlet for her love for music. She found her way back to writing songs after a long hiatus. She got her own electric guitar, a loop station and a notebook. She hasn’t stopped writing since and felt inspired by so many different artists. From Charlotte Day Wilson, to Biig Piig, Tash Sultana, Florence and the Machine, Leiff Vollebekk, Sylvan Esso, the variation of styles all got her to where she is today.

in 2022, she took the next steps in her career and got in touch with old and new friends. After a couple rehearsals, they recorded a song Julie wrote in Cape Town. She felt distant from her previous artist name, Jules Brown, and decided to be just who she is. Julie Brondeel.